Go paperless, Take a Glance with the Apps The Polaroid’s were big in the past, now they have become small and compact. Right now, the scenario has completely changed, except for the professional shutterbugs. Over a certain period of time, the ways people use the cameras have changed. In today’s world, every one of us is sporting a smartphone and it has the camera as well. Technology has helped millions, and now it is helping the people to go paperless. Now days, folks are living with everything available in digital modes. Digitization is fast growing and it is affecting all the industries and sectors. Everything has started to change as E-publishing, E-commerce, E-Education, E-Marketing and much more. In a recent survey taken, it shows that there are around 2.16 billion people in the world who own a smartphone. There has been a surge of 12.6 percent in the usage of smartphone since 2014. In the years to come, the numbers are going to increase invariably. The website manufactures have started to make the smartphones with quality and high resolution camera lens. A smartphone has many features in it and it has the ability to do almost everything humanly possible. Pictures captured are always the memories we want to look back on and cherish. But, the smartphone cameras are not going to just serve the purpose of taking great pictures. We can scan through documents, cards, notes and much more with the help of Apps, which can scan through. Why Scanner Apps? So, why do we actually need an app to scan? Technology has become handy and everything which is now available is in the electronic modes. In organizations, there are many tasks which the employees accomplish. To keep a track of it, is not an easy task, so they need the information in regards to the business. Companies have teams, where all the dealings are happening, that’s the reason, the scanner apps will be of a great help. Scanning has become an important aspect of the people who predominantly do paperwork. The scanning devices cannot be easily taken to different places. So, these scanner apps have come as a rescue to the people who often want to scan things and get their respective work done. If, we have a smartphone, which has the right kind of camera lenses then it would the job of the scanner for us. Best Apps to Choose From The tech gigs have developed many apps recently and the number seems to be growing faster. Smartphones have the access to millions of apps to get our work done. So, when it comes to scanning, even for it, there a few hundreds of apps to choose from. But, the deeply recommended, highly rated and has great reviews are only a few of them. So, go ahead and check out the scanner apps, from which one can choose Microsoft Office Lens People who spend most of their time of Microsoft Office, this is the right one for them to use. The way it app works is just seamless and easy to use. All we need to do Zoplay is just focusing the camera on the document or any kind of note; it will capture it for us. We have the option to save the image with the preferred extension; we would like it to be saved. We have an icon in the app for us to scan; there are list of options we can choose from, to decide what kind of scan we would like to do. It has the ability to adjust to the background settings of a particular place. We can crop the images and apply color changes as well to the images captured. Accordingly it will capture the best image for us and it can be saved as Document, image or as OneNote as well. Cam Scanner It is one of the best scanner apps; it allows us to scan almost everything possible. Cam Scanner has the ability to extract content from the images captured. It is not that we can scan documents, notes, and images; we do have the option to scan the QR code of a product. The resultant of scanning the QR code will provide a URL link to get the details of the particular product. The application has subscriptions available for the users, who use the app for free. This allows them to be able to access the cloud storage of 200 MB. It also has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for us to search through the documents. We can even fax the documents and share it with around 10 different people. The subscription would cost us around $4.99 for a month or $49.99 for a year. Tiny Scanner Tiny Scanner has the option to send faxes ranging from 15 cents to 20 cents per page. We can save the scanned documents or images in files/folders or share it on Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. Images can be imported into the app which is already available on the smartphone. It has the technology of edge detection to get the finest forms of the images. A five level of contrast is available for us to alter the images, to get the clear scanned images. Unfortunately, the app does not read or scan the QR code. If anyone wants to have just a normal scanner app, then this one is the right to choose. Evernote This app has multiple features in it for anyone to use for their own personal work or office work. One of the features which the app has is the built scanner, which allows us to scan. There are different kinds of options available for us to choose to scan. Some of the options are Post it, Business card, Document and a few more. If, we don’t have an existing account, then we need to sign up for the service. If, the image which gets scanned is not clear or has issues, there is warning pop up displayed for us to change the position. We can place a good gizmo on the home screen of our smartphones for this app. A Few Tips for Scanner Apps • When scanning a particular document, image or a note; make sure that the background is clear. • If, the app has the ability to adjust itself according to the brightness, do not galore the gallery with scanned documents or snaps. • Hold the phone in such a way that it adapts to the portrait or landscape modes, accordingly. • Whenever, we need to scan, we need to make sure that we hold the camera at the right angle to get the perfect image. In Conclusion In today’s world, everyone is working on the go and they need something which keeps the work right. They are aware of the fact that the world is fast moving and the demands are increasing. On the contrast, we can even state that, it turning into an Eco friendly environment. Everything is getting transformed as electronic and digital, which will help us to keep the environment safer. People at workforce do not always stay at their work place to finish their work. There are situations when need to go places for finishing the task assigned to them. So, with the help of the scanner apps, they can just save all the paperwork, documents, documents, business cards, identities and pretty much everything related to work. So, go ahead and gets these apps to get the work done seamlessly and effortlessly.