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Viajes Venezuela

Venezuela is an amazing place where all the folks should visit this place once in their lifetime. The main exports of this gigantic place include steel, cement, and aluminum etc. On the other side of the flip, the import includes the electronic, chemicals including the food products. Here there are two major reasons such as the hot and dry season and hot and wet season. Next, the Mochima National Park is constructed in such a manner to protect the marine environment, including the forests of the Turimiquire Mountains. This park is located on the north-eastern coast and it is known to be Venezuela’s second marine park. It was created in the year 1973 and it takes the major shorelines including the thirty-two offshore islands. The dolphins prevail at the Isla Cachicamo and the pelicans are nested at the La Ciena Cove.

Here, there is an amazing park which is well known for its snorkelers and an enjoyable thirty to forty minute boat ride is also available. The largest Island known to be the Isla Margarita is located in the northeastern coast of Venezuela and also it is the best place to do the thrilling beachcombing. There are about fifty beaches which are strung over the coastline. The water gaming sports activities include the kite surfing, parasailing etc. It is a well-known destination with Venezuelans and includes a list of the larger cities. Mount Roraima is a tepuy is situated at an elevation of nearly three thousand meters. The folks have the possibility to climb to the Plateau and here it rains almost every day; a well-known home to the rare plants and animals.

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Each and every visitor has to visit the Teleferico since it has the worlds longest and the highest cable car. The cable car route is about eight miles and it soars about the sixteen thousand feet in the air. The best time to visit this place is from December to February since there is no fog at any time. Choroni is popularly known to be Venezuela’s best Caribbean beaches and it also includes some of the Colonial beaches.

This place makes a good base for the birds, plants including the wildlife watchers. These are the ones who explore the cloud forest of the Henri Pittier National Park. There are many monkeys, snake including the deer and it also includes about five hundred bird species, two hundred kinds of the butterflies. This gigantic park was originally known to be the Rancho Grande then later it was changed to the Henri Pittier.

Next, Los Roques Archipelago National Park was created in the year 1972 in order to protect the marine ecosystem. This gigantic park has the beautiful beaches of white sand and crystalline warm water which is the most suitable one for the diving; sailing including the sailing and fishing practices.

Los Lianos which is also known to be the Plains integrates both the Venezuela and Columbia. It is also popularly home to the anacondas, jaguars including the caimans. The real fact is that the main river runs between the Venezuela and Columbia. The folks can visit Venezuela along with their family and friends.

About Viajes Venezuela

Viajes Venezuela is a unique website where everyone can get all the minute information about the place Venezuela. This amazing place is located in the northern part of South America. The total population is about thirty million and their main official language is Spanish. Here, the Latin Americans were the notable one and the Europeans were the first to explore Venezuela. The name was given by the Europeans during the year 1949 and this gigantic place has a very interesting history.